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ZED451 ~ Named after the last letter in the British alphabet and the temperature at which fire ignites, ZED451 delivers a personal culinary experience from start to finish. Enjoy the perfect blend of fire-grilled fare, hand-carved rotisserie and an assortment of fresh sides & harvest salads. Our chefs bring expertly prepared cuisine directly to your table, allowing you to taste the best of the season in a warm, urban setting in the heart of Chicago. Dine in one of our many private and semi-private dining areas, immersed in global flavors without pressure - you determine the variety, portion and pace of your meal.


Outside ZED451- Complimentary Shuttle Service Offered
Rooftop- Capacity of 120
Rooftop- Capacity of 120
Firepit Tables in Main Dining Room
Clark Street room- 40 guest capacity
Crescent room- 12-34 guest capacity
Fireside room- seated events for up to 82; reception-style events for up to 100
Main Dining room
Mezzanine- seated events for up to 50; reception-style events for up to 75